Benefits of Guava(Amrood) - TOP 8 Advantage of Guava

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Benefits of Guava, Medicinal Properties, Experiments and Advantages

Guava is a delicious fruit rich in quality. Guava is found in many nutrients that protect the human body from countless diseases. Guava contains good amount of vitamin C, which benefits from many diseases. Today, we will know about the advantages of guava, medicinal properties, experimentation and disadvantages. Guava is the common tropical fruit that is cultivated in its many tropical and subtropical areas.

Guava is a fruit in India that is found in almost all areas. It contains protein 10.5 percent, fat 0. 2 percent, calcium 1.01 percent, vitamin B 0.2 percent is found. The fruits of guava are found to be the highest vitamin C after amla and cherries. Vitamin C is right in its peel and below it. After this, its volume decreases in the anus. This quantity increases along with the fruit ripening. Citric acid is found mainly in guava. Apart from this, guava has many medicinal properties. Let us know about some such qualities ....

Benefits of Eating Guava -

Benefits of guava, away from the blisters of the mouth-

Cold-hot food or body warming has become very bored in the mouth or often has mouth ulcer problems, then chewing new sweet leaves of guava gives relief from teeth whitening. In the fresh leaves of guava, wrapping a little cot can chew the mouth ulcers by chewing it like a pan.

Get rid of constipation by the benefits of guava -

Eating Guava gives relief from many other types of constipation and stomach problems. Guava keeps the body's metabolism balanced. For constipation patients use only ripe guava, radish, carrot and mint leaves in salad for a few days, then the complaint of constipation is removed.

Advantages of guava to reduce the effect of addiction -

If any person has lost his cannabis, then addiction can be reduced by giving juice of guava leaves or chewing leaves.

Removal of Hemoglobin Deficiency Benefits of Guava -

By eating cooked guava, the deficiency of hemoglobin in the body is removed. In this case, women must eat cooked guava definitely. Anemia sufferers are also advised to eat guava. At the same time, guava also strengthens bones.

Advantages of Guava Removing Foul odor -

If you are disturbed by the smell of mouth, then break the soft leaves of guava and taste it will be beneficial for you. Apart from this chewing tobacco also reduces the pain of the teeth.

Benefits of Guava Controlling Diabetes -

For this, you take 100 grams of guava and take out their seeds and let it soak in cold water for 4 hours. After that remove the pieces of guava and separate it and drink water. Drinking this water causes diabetes.

Advantages of Guava leaves to refine skin -

Guava removes stains of skin. By not only eating food, but also by applying guava on face, the skin also shows. For this break the fresh green leaves of guava and grind them and make a paste and apply it under the eyes. By doing so, dark circles and swelling decrease.

Benefits of guava for cough, colds-

Black cough is cured by consuming guava in ash or sand, taking it every morning and evening. Salt and black pepper impurities on guava are cured by eating food. Adding the decoction of soft leaves of guava and putting black pepper and drinking it gives relief in the fever.

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