How To Gain Weight - TOP 10 Easiest Home Remedies For Weight Gain

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         How To Gain Weight

The body is thin and the cause of weight loss :-

Before solving any problem, we should know the reason for the problem being generated Let's know what can be the reason for the body being thin.

There can be many reasons for body weight being reduced which can vary according to the habit of eating and drinking of each person.

 The lack of nutritious diet in food is the biggest reason for weight loss. Today, in a life filled with fragmentation, most people take more interest in fast food and junk food than by giving priority to nutritious and balanced foods. And due to low body weight or higher, the body is due to not getting the necessary Nutrients.
Do not eat food on time, mostly hungry stomach and eating without eating without chewing food can be the reason for you being thin.

Deformation of the digestive system - The most important part of our body is our digestive system. If you see any symptoms related to the digestive system then immediately treat it, otherwise the distorted digestive system can reduce your weight as well as lead to many other diseases. Symptoms of perverted digestive system: Lack of appetite, intense heavyness in most of the stomach, feeling constant acidity, becoming gas in the stomach, and constipation. All these digestive system can be distorted.
Occasionally, body weight may also be inherited. Such as: If the weakness of one's parents' physical nature increases the probability that their children are also leanened from the body. But this can not be said honestly.
Some diseases can also cause the body to lose weight such as: Diabetes, Typhoid fever, Liver disease etc.

Home remedies for weight gain / Top 10 Weight gain tips :-

The home remedy for weight gain has proved to be very effective in most people. If you want to get your weight gain then you can improve your physical beauty by adopting these home remedies. Let's know Top 10 weight gain tips: -

1. Take a nutritious and balanced diet : -

Do not say fast food and junk food forever, and also include balanced and nutritious food in your diet. Such as: - In the morning at the time of breakfast take sprouts, such as: sprouted gram, sprouted pea, sprouted soya bean etc. All this contains the highest amount of protein which is very important for the growth of body. Eat plenty of green vegetables in lunch and also eat salad. Reduce cucumber usage.

2. Do more of milk intake : -

Milk is considered as a complete diet. A newborn baby is consumed only in the first 6 months of the day because milk is the only food that contains all vitamins, proteins, calcium and iron which is very important for body growth. That is why eat as much milk as possible. In today's time, it is very difficult to get 100% pure and unturned milk. In such a long period, you also lose milk by drinking milk for a long time and at the end it starts blaming the milk that we do not get weighed by milk Increases.

3. Carbohydrate and Fat Consumption : -

Carbohydrate gives excessive energy to the body. By taking more carbohydrate in the food, the energy starts to become fat, which increases your weight. In a diet rich in carbohydrates: rice, bread, wheat and potato are easily available. Fat is the most important factor in increasing the weight of carbohydrate. Fat is also called fat. By taking fat, your weight grows by 100%. But pay attention while taking fat - do hard work to take more fat than necessary; otherwise, the extra fat you take in your blood vessels can become a cause of heart attack. In fat food: - Oil, butter, ghee etc. can be consumed.

4. Ayurvedic medicine intake : -

Occasionally, domestic measures can not fully effect the weight gain. In this way, you can also use some Ayurvedic medicines along with domestic remedies. Ashwagandha Powder, Chyavanprashash, Shatavari, Mussali, Shilajit, Vasant Kusumakar Ju, Golden Swast, all these Ayurvedic medicines show the miraculous effect and also removes every weakness from the body. Note: Take advice from a good doctor before consuming these types of drugs.

5. Use Raisins : -

Raising raisins in weight gain can be of great use to you. Soak 15 to 20 grams of raisins in water and eat them with empty stomach in the morning. You also use almonds with raisins to make it more effective. Here you can also use the tassel at the place of raisins, but keep in mind - the number of hinges is not greater than 6 or 8.

6. Use of dates and palms : -

Drink dates and saffron boil in milk and drink wonderful results. Between 4-6 and 6 tablespoons of potatoes or boiled beans, boil the boiled potatoes and chaatare and then drink milk. By taking this experiment for 2 to 3 months, body weight gain begins. Note: Do not use this experiment in the summer. You should do this experiment only if the weather is cold.

7. Banana experiment : -

Continuous consumption of banana is beneficial in body weight gain. Eat at least 5 to 6 bananas daily in the day. Make sure to eat a shake once a day.

8. Eat the eggs : -

If you are a non vegetarian, then eating eggs can be helpful in increasing your weight. The middle part of the boiled egg is full of fat. So if you want quick results, then eat more intake of eggs.

9. Eat paneer : -

Increase the intake of cheese to gain weight for your body. You can eat the cottage cheese according to your capacity.

10. Exercise Regularly : -

Whatever you have said to eat in this post, body weight gain, exercise in your daily life as well as exercise, gym, yoga and physical hard work are also of your life.

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