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Keep these things in mind during the summer season

Summer session protection
How to avoid summer session

As the winter season goes, the quilts have entered in the house and cooler and AC have been turned on. The Sun is increasing the heat in the body of human beings by increasing the strain and heat in the air by drying the hydrosantia of the world by the intensity of its intense rays. In which the problems arise in the body such as dehydration, swelling, dizziness, dizziness, nausea, etc. Now, getting out of the house is no less than a war. Everyone has started the measures to avoid heat in their own way. We are going to create solutions to the problems that arise from the heat of this article. The most direct side effects of heat in the summer are skin. If you want you can keep skin safe by keeping some caution.

How to save your skin

The best way to deal with heat is to use clean water, if you hit the splash of water on your face every few seconds, then you feel refreshed. Along with this, you can benefit your skin with natural things such as cucumber, sandalwood, basil and rose water. By applying all these things, the face reaches the cold.
After coming from the sun, it also benefits from applying face peak to Mulani clay or sandal powder. By applying this, the sun burn in the sun can also be correct. If you want, you can keep the face pack of cucumbers, Mulatani mitai and glycerin in the heat and protect your skin from heat using it in every day. If you are getting hot in the heat then grinding neem and basil grows it right.

Get rid of stomach problems in summer

There are many problems associated with stomach in the summer. If you want you can get rid of this problem by keeping a little bit of your food. First of all, keep in mind that do not eat more fried spicy food in the summer. Take as much vitamin A and C substances as possible in the summer. In which the amount of water is high so that there is no water shortage in the body. Yoga of curd, fruit such as grapes, papaya, orange, mausambi etc. in the summer season also benefits the body. Bell's fruit is also very useful in this season, if you want, you can eat sherbat or marmalade. In this hot weather, you must use lemonade in a short span of time, this is a panacea to avoid heat. Apart from this, buttermilk is also effective.

How to Avoid Loo

In the summer season everyone is protected from leaving the sun, but if it is very important to get out, it can not be avoided. But leaving the hoop remains most afraid to panic. If someone's body is hot and the ear is cold, then it can be said that it has been louched. If the person wishes, it can be avoided by keeping some caution. It is said that onion is very useful in summer. It is useful to eat it, but if one goes along with it coming in the sun, it does not seem to be louder. So if possible, keep a little onion with you. In grandmother's nuts, it is also said that while leaving from home, buttermilk, sutkhe can also be avoided by leaving butter. If anyone is feeling loon, then the person's lu can be removed with wet cloth.

In the summer when the nose began to flutter

Due to the increase in heat in the body, the nose comes out of the nose. It is also called eruption. Occasionally these problems can be seen in the elder also. However, this is not a big problem, but if it is not treated correctly, it can cause great trouble. If you are worried about the problem of hemorrhoid, drinking this syrup of syrup will cause your problem to end forever. When you get blood in the nose, it stops bleeding from the blood by putting some drops of peepal juice into the nose. Along with this, you get relief from this problem by smelling and sprinkling water on black soil. When the hemorrhoid breaks, soak the cloth with cold water and put it on your head so that the heat in the body can be reduced. If this problem is high then you should consult with a skilled doctor.

The children in the heat of summer are comfortable

Wear a baby coolter cotton cloth. Do not use synthetic clothes, because they stop the heat inside and can be very painful for the child. Due to these, there can also be ghumrias. Save the baby from the sun.

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