The secret of slipping stones - America's Death Valley

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What is the secret of slipping stones in America's Death Valley?

There are some things in the world that have remained mystery so far. One such mysterious place is Death Valley, which is located in a desert in eastern California. Death Valley is the hottest, dry and bizarre place in North America. The structure and temperature of California's Death Valley has always been astonishing to everyone. But the most strange thing about this place is that the stones themselves go from one place to another. Also known as Sailing Stones In this area, stones of at least 320 kg have been seen changing their place, why is this? It's been mystery so far.

NASA has not even found the secret behind the slip of these stones. This place extends from 1.25 miles east to west and 2.5 miles north to south. There are about 100 stones on this place which are slipping automatically, but the interesting thing is that no one has seen these stones slipping away. For many years, these stones fall from their place to about 300 meters away.

There are different facts behind the sliding stones.

In 1972, a team of scientists studied these stones for seven years to solve this mystery. The team of scientists studied a stone of 317 kilograms, but during the study, he did not even notice it. But after a few years back when they returned to the same place, then they got about 1 km away.

The scientists concluded that the reason for this mystery is that the stones move automatically due to the fast moving winds. There are others and some people believe that all this is due to supernatural powers. After extensive research, the geologists of the Completeness University of Spain described the reason for the microbes present in the soil of this place.

Microbes cyanobacteria are a cellular algae, due to which there is a soft matter and gas in the bottom of the lake. Because of which it is difficult to hold the grip. Scientists believe that due to the strong wind in the cold weather on this lush surface, this stone slips from its place.

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