Rasiya's Lifestyle and Surprising Fact - Do you know about Russia

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Rasiya's Lifestyle and Surprising Fact

Official Name :- Russian Federation

Form of Government :- Federation

Capital :- Moscow

Population :- 142,470,272

Official Language :- Russian

Trends :- rubles

Area :- 6,592,772 sq mi (17,075,200 sq km)

Major Mountain Ranges :- Ural, Alte

Major rivers :- Amur, Irtish, Leena, Ob, Volga, Yenise

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About Russia

Russia is a country of exaggeration.  By far the largest country in the world, it is almost twice the area of ​​Canada, which is the second largest country.  It is spread throughout northern Asia and the eastern part of Europe, with 11 time zones and covers a large range of environment and terrain, from deserts to Semiarid steppers, and deep forests to the Arctic tundra.

Geographical location of Russia

Russia includes the Volga, Europe's longest river, and its largest lake, Ladoga.  Russia is also home to the world's deepest lake, Baikal, and recorded the world's lowest temperature in this country outside the northern and southern poles.

The inhabitants of Russia are quite diverse.  Most ethnic Russians, but more than 120 other ethnic groups also exist, who speak several languages ​​and follow religious and cultural traditions.  Most of the Russian population is concentrated in the European part of the country, particularly in the fertile region around the capital Moscow.

Do you Know About Surprising Fact of Russia

1. Rich people in Russia (Moscow) use fake ambulances to avoid traffic ?
Ans - Now if Amiriyat teaches all this, then what is the work of such richness?

2. Russia has more women than men ?
Ans - It can be said that Russia is a female-dominated country.

3. One-third of Russians believe that the Sun revolves around the Eart ?
Ans - Yes, this is true.  There are also such people in Russia sending the first aircraft to space.

4. There are many hidden cities in Russia even today ?
Ans - There are at least 15 such cities within Russia which have been hidden from the whole world.

5. Driving dirty cars in Russia is a crime ?
Ans - Now all those Indians who never wash their cars, this news is especially for them.

6. 25 percent of people in Russia go to heaven before 55 years ?
Ans - And a big reason is believed to be the consumption of vodka.

7. Our favorite word of all is Vodka from Russia ?
Ans - Vod means water in Russia, now what to tell next.

8. In Russia, we used to tax the beard once ?
Ans - By the way, boys of Russia are from big dude but let us tell you that during the rule of Peter the Great, there was tax on beard here.

9. In Russia foxes also live in homes ?
Ans - Now this thing is frightening but true.  Scientists have foxes in Russia since 1959.

10. America has bought the Alaska Mountains from Russia ?
Ans - This is in the year 1867 and the US had given only US $ 7.2 million to Russia in lieu of Alaska mountain.

11. In Russia, it is illegal to tell children that gay people are also part of this world ?
Ans - At this point, I hate you.

12. Every year in Russia, about 5 lakh people die of alcohol consumption ?
Ans - This is bitter to be true, but still true.

13. 77% of Russia is Siberia ?
Ans - Yes, the same Siberia where the temperature is always in minus.

14. Russia is bigger than Pluto in terms of area ?
Ans - Russia is ahead in terms of population, besides it is also top in terms of area.

15. Russia and Japan are still fighting World War II ?
Ans - Russia and Japan have not yet signed a peace agreement.  Kuril is still the center of disputes between them.

16. Metro is the lifeline here ?
Ans - Metro arrived in India much later, but Russia's metro system is the fastest transport of its kind.  Here a train passes every 90 seconds.

17. Flowers are not auspicious sign here ?
Ans - While giving flowers in the whole world is considered auspicious, in Russia, giving flowers to women is not considered auspicious.  Flowers are seen here by connecting them to the funeral.



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